Local June 23, 2016 | 7:57 am

200,000 Dominican Republic women are sexual workers worldwide

Santo Domingo.- Some 90,000 women are sexual workers in thecountry and an equal number abroad, mainly in Haiti, the Caribbean islands andEurope, totaling around 200,000, driven by a lack of opportunities, educationand access to formal jobs.

The figures are from Jacqueline Montero, Dominican Republic’sfirst sexual worker to win a seat in Congress, and where she said she’’ll promotelegislation for education, health and to create jobs for women and vulnerabilitygroups.

In a press conference accompanied by other newly-electeddeputies, the also president of the United Women’s Movement (Modemu), whichincludes sexual workers, said the legislation she’ll promote is called"Building opportunities for young people who neither study nor work (NINI)."

Montero said she’ll also push Congress to approve the on Equalityand Non-Discrimination bill, to be submitted soon to the National Council forHIV and AIDS (CONAVIHSIDA).

"I will arrive in Congress with bills to promotesocial inclusion of Dominican women, and youth living in vulnerable conditions,"said the deputy-elect, who began her political career as a councilmember in Hainatownship.

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