Local June 24, 2016 | 7:11 am

The Pope to name new Cardinal in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Pope Francis has accepted Cardinal Nicolasde Jesus Lopez Rodriguez’s resignation as archbishop of Santo Domingo, and willcontinue his duties until his successor is announced and sworn in.

The protocol to formalize the appointment of Santo Domingo’snext archbishop is in its final phase, after a lengthy consultation process inthe country through Vatican envoy Jude Thaddeus Okolo.

The announcement of the new archbishop is expected after June28, when Lopez Rodriguez reaches 25 years since designated cardinal by then PopeJohn Paul II. “That signals that the Pope has already chosen the prelate who’llreplace Lopez Rodriguez,” Outlet eldia.com.do reports.

Upon leaving office, Lopez Rodriguez will become emeritusarchbishop of Santo Domingo, and will still be a member of the College ofCardinals for life, but keeps the right to vote only in case of election of anew pope until he turns 80, on October 31.

The Dominican cardinal submitted his resignation as archbishopin 2011, when he turned 75, as Canonic Law stipulates.

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