Local June 27, 2016 | 12:35 pm

Deputy-elect says he’s ‘armed, drunk and with cash’

Santo Domingo.- Opposition PRM party deputy-elect EliasBaez on Monday said he’s "armed, drunk and with cash," in a message witha photo of two guns and two bottles of a high price whisky.

The statement in the social networks was criticized becauseit promotes the use of alcohol and guns, while supporters say that the weaponsare needed because crime hasn’t stopped.

"It’s that this government has us that way, armed tothe teeth so that they don’t mug us, as they say, are drunk and with cash,"said the elected lawmaker from Santo Domingo West.

A few days ago Baez, a former prosecutor also published asafety video where, he affirms, two robbers are seen breaking one of a car’swindows to steal his daughter’s purse.

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