Local June 28, 2016 | 4:32 pm

Dominican Catholic Church, gay US envoy row continues

Santo Domingo.- Bob Satawake, husband of US ambassadorJames W. Brewster said Tuesday he awaits the apology by cardinal Nicolas deJesus Lopez Rodriguez, archbishop Victor Masalles and Vatican envoy JudeThaddeus Okolo, just one day after Pope Francisco said the Catholic Churchshould apologize to homosexuals for having discriminated them.

The latest salvo in the row pitting the gay-activist US coupleagainst the Dominican Catholic Church will likely bring swift response from theclergy, the LGBT community and from antagonist local sectors.

On Facebook, Satawake says his door is open and awaits theapology from the three senior prelates.

Satawake referred to the Pope’s statements that "gays shouldn’tbe discriminated against but treated with respect."

"I think the Church should not only apologize … to agay person they offended, but must apologize to the poor, to women who’ve beenexploited, and children forced to work, apologize for having blessed manyweapons,” and for not having accompanied the families facing divorce orexperiencing other problems.

On December 2015, Lopez Rodriguez demanded that Brewster notmeddle in Dominican Republic’s internal affairs and instead dedicate himself toserve his embassy and "as a wife of a gentleman, to take care of herhouse."

When asked by journalists about the diplomat’s remarks on corruptionin the country, the Santo Domingo Archbishop said that Brewster was sent as agay activist.

Lopez Rodriguez also rejected ambassador’s warning thatwhoever doesn’t agree with his criticism of the country’s corruption scandals,they hand in their American visa.

Speaking at the American Chamber of Commerce, Brewster saidcorruption was like a cancer in society that should be denounced and eradicated,which roiled the Cardinal.

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