Local June 28, 2016 | 9:07 am

Dominican-Swiss Chamber fests 15th with pledge of stronger ties

The Dominican-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Tourism(CCTDS) on Monday marked its 15 years in the country, with a new Board ofDirectors and re-elected as president Gaetan Bucher, a business leader and CEOof VelumBlue, an international investment fund manager specializing in capitalstrategies.

"For me it’s an honor to be in front of this entity anothertwo more years as an entity which promotes competitiveness, innovation andanalysis processes based on parameters and international studies that favortrade relations in the country," Bucher said.

The president-elect said the Chamber will continue to reactivateand will be relaunched as an entity that favors the flow of trade. "I orientatemy efforts to carry out activities in new areas of national and internationalinterest, and the promotion of commercial activities between Switzerland andthe Dominican Republic. This process will continue to be of great value to ourexisting and future members by providing direct access to information sourcesof local and global economy."

The election carried out during the General Assembly was heldat UNPHU University, attended by Chamber honorary president and Swissambassador Line Marie Leon-Pernet, who was recognized for her effort tostrengthen the entity and Swiss-Dominican ties.

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