Local June 29, 2016 | 11:02 am

‘Air cocaine’: Court upholds 20-year sentences for French pilots

Santo Domingo.- The National District 1st Court Appellateon Tuesday upheld the 20-year prison sentences including those against Frenchpilots Bruno Odos and Pascal Jean Fauret, now fugitives, in the “air cocaine” drug traffickingcase.

Judges Eduardo Sanchez, Doris Pujols and Antonio Sanchezruled for a motion by prosecutors Carmen Alardo and Milciades Guzman, to upholda lower court’s decision.

The defense Immediately called the sentence “misguided” andvowed to appeal before the Supreme Court.

The ruling includes the defenfdants Bolivar Alberto Mercado,Carlos Espinal (El Flaco), Luis Daniel Perez, Anthony Santana, and Frenchman NicolásPisapia. Codefendant Alain Castany faces a separate hearing, in the case of over 600 kilos of cocaine seized in a private jet at Punta Cana Airport.

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