Local June 29, 2016 | 11:35 am

Dominican Republic military ranks: More chiefs than braves

Santo Domingo.- Over the years the National Police hasbecome a "macro-cephalic" institution with 10,858 commissioned officerscurrently in its ranks, or 29% of its workforce, including 51 generals, 489colonels and 589 lieutenant colonels.

Commissioned officers’ ranks ranging from 2ndlieutenant through major and captain to reach the major general position heldby its current chief, Nelson Peguero.

The huge number of senior officers –“full” colonels andabove, and junior and midlevel ones -second, first lieutenants and majors andLt. colonels respectively- account for 29% of the 35,317 total police agents.

Of all is members, 10,502 are privates, meaning that thereare more commissioned officers above that rank.

"It’s a macrocephalic institution with a very largehead and very weak legs," said security expert Daniel Pou.

Unlike the US and other countries, the Dominican police andmilitary doesn’t differentiate an enlisted career from that of commissionedofficers.

That lack of military awareness leads to master sergeants withover 20 years in the ranks to hope for a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant,and the accompanying measly raise of salary.

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