Local June 29, 2016 | 12:10 pm

Government spokesman admits push to fight crime not enough

Santo Domingo.- Government spokesman Roberto RodriguezMarchena, on Wednesday acknowledged that the Presidency’s efforts to fightcrime haven’t been sufficient. "It has been insufficient, because it’s notthat the government isn’t doing anything, it’s that they’ve been insufficient."

Rodriguez said the Government has taken measures for thesafety of citizens such as installing security camera in Greater Santo Domingo,with the operations of the National Emergency System 911.

“We expect to extend them to other areas,” Rodriguez said interviewedon CDN channel 37.

Among the government’s efforts to fight crime the official citedthe delivery of motorcycles and pickup trucks to the National Police, and higherwages for officers.

He said the other measures, such as joint patrols with themilitary, have forced many criminals to “retreat,” and to prevent their return,the Government has adopted sustainable plans.

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