Local June 30, 2016 | 10:38 am

Ruling party leader slams Big Business over ‘electoral collapse’

Santo Domingo.- Ruling PLD party general secretary ReinaldoPared on Thursday denied that the country’s electoral system has collapsed, as NationalBusiness Council (CONEP) president Rafael Blanco claims.

He accused the business leader of being partial with oppositionPRM party leader Luis Abinader.

"If what hemeant to say is that the candidate of his choice didn’t win is another thing,but to compare the fact that Luis Abinader didn’t win with the collapse of theelectoral system in the Dominican Republic, I don’t think it has been so."

He also denied that a distribution of the high court benchesoccurred in the past and said it went occur this time either.

Speaking in an event to mark the 107th anniversaryof the birth of PLD founder Juan Bosch, Pared said the ruling party has evolvedand adapted to the changes occurring in Dominican society and the world. "Whatdoes remain the same among most of the PLD leaders and members are the conceptsof ethics and integrity it has, and has had."

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