Local July 1, 2016 | 3:51 pm

First Dominican-born likely US congressman ‘responds’ to Trump

New York.- From being a poor immigrant but rich in dreams, AdrianoEspaillat is poised to become the United States’ first Dominican-born congressman.

His success in life is the best response to Republicanpresidential candidate Donald Trump’s hate-filled statements, which manyHispanics and immigrants feel are insulting for their origin and ethnicity.

"I think the best message that you can send Trump andthe Republican Party is to choose a person like Adriano Espaillat, who camehere as an immigrant, whose family worked in factories, rose by their ownefforts and have today the great privilege of likely becoming a representativein the United States Congress," the said NY State lawmaker said this weekafter winning the Democratic primary primaries to represent the 13thcongressional district.

The predominantly Democrat and Dominican district for whichEspaillat is fighting for all but guarantees his victory in the Novemberelections, in when he will face the Republican candidate for the post.

The current New York state senator mentioned Trump at apress conference this week alongside veteran congressman Charles Rangel, whomEspaillat seeks to replace in Washington.

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