Local July 1, 2016 | 9:03 am

Medina attends regional bloc meeting where talk reigns

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.-TheCentral American Integration System (SICA), which various sectors in the DominicanRepublic describe as just another expensive, Tower of Babel, on Thursday concludedits 47th annual meeting at Roatanisland in Honduras’ Caribbean coast, with another barrage of proposals, andwith the reintegration of Costa Rica, which had pulled out in December.

Among the countries of the regional bloc which calls forthe analysis of changes in SICA’s functions figure Costa Rica, whose deputyforeign minister Alejandro Solano said the entity must respond with "moreefficient and effective ways to deal with the region’s political, social andeconomic challenges."

The other leaders and delegations hailed the proposal from Solano,who represented Costa Rica president Luis Guillermo Solís.

Another leader who didn’t attend the summit was Nicaragua’sDaniel Ortega, who’ll hold SICA’s revolving presidency until December 31, afterit had been held by Honduras chief executive Juan Orlando Hernandez.

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