Local July 4, 2016 | 8:53 am

National Police leaders ‘conspire’ against Reform: Lawmaker

Santo Domingo.- Ruling party (PLD) deputies spokesman ElpidioBáez on Sunday accused “some of the leadership” of the National Police ofconspiring against the recently approved Police Reform Law, and “maneuver” sothat president Danilo Medina returns the bill to Congress.

"The aim is to discredit the law recently passed inCongress and they already want to sell a number of weaknesses, which don’t exist,so that president Medina vetoes it."

Báez said among the things which the police brass aims toinvalidate on the new Police Statutory Law, is because it doesn’t include a wage increase for police, which thelawmaker notes requires of a special law or executive order.

Interviewed by Balbueno Medina, the lawmaker added thatsaid the Public Administration Ministry has a study on police wages and said heexpects it will be delivered to the President.

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