Local July 5, 2016 | 8:47 am

Sahara dust hinders rainfall, except showers Tuesday night

Santo Domingo.- The presence of Saharan dust from northernAfrica hinders the occurrence of rain and increases temperatures, saidmeteorologist Martin Mata on Monday.

He said while the dust doesn’t prevent rain, it does inhibitthe development of clouds. "It’s not that the dust prevents rain. Smallparticles diminish the rains or water droplets, it’s the dry dust particles thatare responsible."

He said the dust generally appears after a tropical stormand most of it is suspended in the atmosphere, “but the National Weather Officedoesn’t expect it’ll get worse.”

Mata said the dust will always be present from July toSeptember, because that’s when tropical storms pass over the country.

The meteorologist said limited rainfall, the season’s hightemperatures and 65% humidity makes it feel as high as 37 degrees Celsius, so herecommends avoiding direct sunlight.

Mota said downpours are expected Tuesday tonight from atropical wave located over the Lesser Antilles.

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