Local July 6, 2016 | 8:41 am

Dominicans are 49% Black, 39% White and 4% Indian

Santo Domingo.- Dominicans’ DNA is 49% African, 39% Europeanand 4% re-Columbians including Tainos, which confirms their complicated geneticancestry and implies that mulattos prevail among the population of the Caribbeannation.

The figures are from a study by the Dominican Academy ofHistory, the National Geographic Society and the University of Pennsylvania,with the collaboration of UNIBE University is part of the Genographic Projectcarried out in 140 countries.

"The investigation took saliva samples from the oralmucosa taken from 1,000 Dominicans in 25 sample points, both rural and urban,and in each 40 volunteers agreed to their DNA samples being taken," says theDominican Academy of History in a statemen.

It said that the only previous study on the country’s geneticdiversity was conducted by José de Jesus Alvarez Perello, with blood samplesfrom 520 military in 1950.

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