Local July 7, 2016 | 3:06 pm

Watchdog freezes RD$44.4M of 90 NGOs on ‘irregularities’

Santo Domingo.- The Economy Ministry on Thursday suspendedthe transfer of RD$44.4 million to 90 NGOs after National Non-Profit Developmentand Promotion Center Association director Hernán Paredes asked the Accounts Chamberto audit them on alleged irregularities.

The official, who oversees the NGOs that are allocatedfunds from the various ministries and government agencies, said the entitieshad abnormalities even in their incorporation documents and were still receivingtaxpayers’ money.

"We inform you that given the gravity and relevance insome of these cases, we have also directed the ministries and agencies,recommending the freezing of the transfer of funds," says a letter sent toAccounts Chamber president Licelot Marte.

The watchdog agency is responsible for registering,monitoring and evaluating non-profits designated by the State to get governmentfunding.

"We urge that audits be carried out to assess whetherthey are contrary to the law, and determine whether the use made of publicfunds they’ve received in the last 4years corresponds to the purposes for which they were granted," saysParedes in the letter dated June 17.

The associations with alleged irregularities:

Agencia Provincial deDesarrollo de Pedernales, Asociación de Jóvenes Pro Desarrollo Ensanche LasAméricas, Asociación Fundación Región Este de Santiago, Pro Desarrollo deTenares, Quisqueya Taína, Casa del Pueblo DN, Centro Dominicano de ServiciosSociales, Consorcio Mundo Joven, Federación Vegana de Juntas de Vecinos,Fundación Comunitaria y de Ayuda Social, and the Fundación Acción ComunitariaMáximo Gómez.

Also the Acción JuvenilPara el Progreso, Alma Solidaria, Amigos de la Tierra, Angelina Matilde Bugue,Basta Ya, Ayuda Social de Las Palmas, Delia Suárez de Berrutti-Los Alcarrizos,Dominicana para el Desarrollo de las Comunidades Marginales, ErciliaGoméz-Monte Plata, Foro Nacional de Partidos Políticos, Futuro Cierto, andIntegral de Ayuda Comunitaria.

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