Local July 8, 2016 | 3:55 pm

Laws dash councilmembers’ push for juicy pensions

Santo Domingo.- The National District councilmembers who seekto retire with a State pension as high as RD$80,000 a month don’t qualify, becauseCivil Service Law 41-08 doesn’t consider them civil servants, but electedofficials instead.

The law stipulates that those who hold office by popularelection, members of the Central Electoral Board and of the Accounts Chamber areexcluded from the benefit of a pension. "Article 2. Excluded from thislaw: 1. Those who hold office by popular election. Members of the CentralElectoral Board and members of the Accounts Chamber."

Nonetheless both laws 41-08 and 379-81 establish a pension planof the Dominican State for public servants, which does regard as public servantsthe officials and employees of the municipalities, and entitled to a pension.

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