Local July 11, 2016 | 1:05 pm

Fearing for her life, murdered councilman’s widow asks Medina’s help

Santo Domingo.- Raysa Acosta, widow of murdered Bayaguana (east)city councilman Renato Castillo, on Monday called a violation of the law the CityCouncil’s decision to reinstate mayor Nelson Sosa, charged with ordering the killing.

Acosta arrived outside the National Palace to protest thereinstatement of Sosa, release on bond by Santo Domingo Province Appealte Courtjudge Dario Gomez. "I am a mother of four children which I work tomaintain and just as I’ve endured these two years, I hope the mayor ofBayaguana endures his 30-year sentence for the death of my husband."

Acosta told local media that she fears for her life after therelease of the mayor whom he defined as an "extremely dangerous"person and reminded those who protect him that "I’m a single woman withfour children."

Sosa was reinstated by the the City Council on 7 July,during a session described as "secret" by several city residents whoaccompanied the widow.

She also asked president Danilo Medina to intervene to preventSosa from reassuming as mayor.

Of the councilmembers present, only José Francisco Ogandoand Rafaela Javier voted against Sosa’s reinstatement, whereas VicenteBonifacio, Germán Aquino, Kenya Taveras, Santos de la Cruz and Amarilis Sosa,voted for the Mayor.

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