Local July 11, 2016 | 11:46 am

Groups to hold ‘1st people’s trial’ on electoral ‘fraud’

Santo Domingo.- A coalition of political and civil society groupsare inviting to the "First People’s Trial on the Electoral Fraud" setfor 4pm Monday, when those who benefited must respond to the people for their"Electoral morass" which were the May 15 general elections.

The Institutional Democratic Coalition is formed byopposition candidates who competed in the elections, other political forces andrepresentatives from civil society organizations.

They said the people’s trials have been staged “because theinstitutions which should’ve refereed and penalized the actions and crimesaffecting democratic institutions are not effectively establishing theresponsibilities set in the Constitution and compliance with the laws.”

They affirm that the ruling party (PLD), “grossly intervenedin the last elections, using state funds to distort the popular will.”

The Coalition said among its non-negotiable objectives figurethe designation of new heads of the Central Electoral Board, the SuperiorElectoral Court, the Accounts Chamber and credible personalities with unquestionedmorals, preferably no political affiliation in the Constitutional Court,.

In the event set for La Lira park in the upscale Nacosector, the Coalition also demands new legislation on elections and political parties,and to depoliticize the government’s social assistance programs.

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