Local July 12, 2016 | 10:11 am

National Police: ‘Chaotic, schizophrenic, sheer madness’

Santo Domingo.- The Institutionalism and Justice Foundation(FINJUS) on Monday defended the amendment to the National Police Statutory Law,and called its detractors, “those who benefit from that institution’s current chaos,”characterized by “schizophrenic, sheer madness.”

FINJUS President Servio Tulio Castaños It’s not a perfectlaw but it’s a possible legislation,” Castaños said in response to some sectorswho’ve asked president Danilo Medina to veto it.

"We’re trying to see how the law can contribute, ifthere’s political will to improve the institution’s function. We currently havea police force whose structure is schizophrenic, it’s sheer madness," Castañossaid.

He said the police’s current situation is do dire that evenits chief himself cannot control.

"Therefore what the law seeks is to respond to thesedistortions. Obviously there are people who haven’t been part of this process.We as FINJUS wanted to be part of the process and watched as one would evolve, articleby article. But it’s in fact a modern law that can undoubtedly transform theNational Police."

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