Local July 14, 2016 | 12:32 pm

Dominican Republic opposition demands electoral overhaul

Santo Domingo.- Former presidential candidates and seniorleader of the main opposition parties on Friday called on Dominicans to jointlydemand democratic reform that includes new Central Electoral Board members andnew independent and impartial Electoral Superior Court justices,

They said the new justices and JCE members must not be atthe service of political parties but chosen based on their honesty, objectivityand professionalism instead.

In an statement, the political leaders said the electoral entitiesshould have the ability to organize and resolve conflicts and “cannot continuein the service of any political party, in a blatant abuse of the most basicdemocratic principles.”

In the statement, former presidential candidates Luis Abinader,Guillermo Moreno, Pelegrin Castillo, Minou Tavarez Mirabal, among other senior leaders,demand the approval of a new electoral law which punishes the use and abuse of taxpayers’money for politicking and electoral campaigns.

They said the current rules neither ensure nor guaranteefair participation in the political arena. “Our country requires an electoralsystem with clear and exemplary penalties against those who scheme, organizeand perpetrate electoral crimes.”

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