Local July 18, 2016 | 4:26 pm

USAID presents study on health of Samana Bay’s coral reefs

Santo Domingo.- The US Agency for International Development(USAID), through its Caribbean marine biodiversity conservation program,presented the findings on the state of health of Samana Bay’s coral reefs.

The monitoring of Samana Bay coral is part of USAID programwith The Nature Conservancy and the Samaná Bay and Surroundings Eco-developmentCenter (CEBSE).

“The proper management of coral reefs, through thedevelopment of local governance mechanisms, training, working directly withcorals and inter-institutional coordination, is one of the priorities of theprogram,” said the entities in a statement.

The Propagas Foundation as co-sponsors conducted the presentation,as part of the measures to strengthen the newly-formed Dominican Reef Network(RAD), at platform that aims to organize and bolster the work by variousentities to protect coral reefs in the Dominican Republic.

International experts Judith Lang and Ken Marks headed thepresentation in the Embajador hotel. Lang is a marine biologist with extensiveexperience in the Caribbean’s coral taxonomy, behavior and ecology, among otherareas.

Marks left the corporate world to study the marineenvironment, and formed part of the efforts to collect samples and topographicdata. He has worked with Lang for nearly20 years in the promotion and use of the methodology.

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