Local July 19, 2016 | 8:30 am

Dominican agencies tighten checks on FBI’s Puerto Rico terror alert

Santo Domingo.- Immigration director Ruben Paulino on Mondayrevealed that agency personnel at airports, ports and border crossings are onthe alert in the heels of the FBI report citing an Isis terrorist threat againstPuerto Rico.

Speaking by phone to Listin Diario, Paulino said migration staffis conducting stricter checks of passengers from Arab countries with high risk ofterrorism.

The official said foreign travelers with certain profile ofa suspected terrorist will also face close scrutiny upon arrival at airports,ports and border points.

"We have in fact increased controls and remain onalert in the critical points of entry and departure, on the warning from theFederal Bureau of investigations, in the sense that there is a terrorist threatfrom the Islamic State against the island of Puerto Rico," he said.

Paulino added that Immigration staff are being extremelycautious when checking travelers entering the Dominican Republic, from nationswith a high risk of terrorism in commercial and private flights through theairports.

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