Local July 20, 2016 | 8:42 am

‘Blight’ of pushcarts invade Santiago’s streets

Santiago.- Dozens of pushcarts used by mostly undocumented Haitians,are becoming an eyesore in Santiago, prompting chaos in traffic and minortraffic accidents that concern motorists and other sectors.

Meanwhile the Environment Ministry North Dept. said it continuesremoving the booths and makeshift bazaars placed on Santiago’s sidewalks streetsand avenues, but didn’t say how many.

It said the owners of those businesses violate municipallaws and are becoming unmanageable and “blight” on the city.

The vendors with carts sell everything from vegetables to usedshoes.

For environmentalist Carlos Vasquez, it’s important thatthe authorities establish controls over the carts and the vendor shacks..

He said many of the carts are longer and wider than thevehicles and cause traffic jams.

Vasquez said in addition to taking over the public spaces,the carts damage vehicles whose owners have nowhere to file a claim, because theydon’t have license plates and aren’t insured.

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