Local July 20, 2016 | 3:31 pm

Dominican Gov. has more than 2,000 corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- Around 2,075 officials who must submit theirfinancial statement to the Dominican Republic Accounts Chamber have yet to doso, its president Licelot Marte revealed Wednesday.

Marte said the Affidavit of Assets Law in effect since 2014has allowed the Accounts Chamber to identify 5,624 government officials who arerequired to submit the document, “but of those, only 1,267 have complied, as ofJuly 19. The remaining 2,75 have still not.”

Interviewed by the Corripio Media Group, Marte called the"breach of law" regretful, despite the Chamber’s efforts to makethose officials comply, “It’s now up to the Attorney General’s Office to investigatewhy these they haven’t done it.”

"Those who are recently appointed have 30 days (tosubmit it) and those leaving also have 30 days to do so, but of the recentlydesignated and the last who’ve left, very few have done so."

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