Local July 21, 2016 | 9:07 am

Former chief justice acknowledges judicial system’s decay

Santo Domingo.- Former chef justice Jorge Subero, who leftthe Supreme Court nearly five years ago with the authority a 14-year tenure implies,proposes improvement to the judicial system’s deficiencies and weaknesses.

When asked why high number of fugitives from justice,Subero said the judges have been “very lenient when granting release on bond.

“I believe there’s a problem throughout the system ofadministration of justice that has root causes, which must necessarily besubject to some reform,” the judge said.

He also cited e lack of economic resources, “although notthe most important.”

he said it was striking that during his 14 years as ChiefJustice, the judicial reform was kept off the public agenda.

“Currently the thing to do is to recover the confidence ofcitizens in the system of administration of justice, but much more in terms ofconfidence in the judges, which has been shaken enough, because that’s what hasbeen the object of internal questions,” Subero said, interviewed bylistin.com.do.

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