Local July 27, 2016 | 8:13 am

32 NGOs get taxpayer money despite irregularities

Santo Domingo.- As many as 32 NGOs receive taxpayer moneyintended for social purposes this month, despite committing a series ofirregularities and fail to comply with the rules established by regulatory law122-05.

Several weeks ago the Economy Ministry, through theNational Center to Develop and Promote Nonprofit Associations (CASFL)recommended the precautionary suspension of disbursement of funds to 89 NGOs,but thus far only the Presidency Ministry, which is responsible for 52 of those,adhered to the request for suspension in writing.

CASFL director Hernán Paredes says he’s optimistic despite theirfailure to formally respond to a temporary halt of disbursements, at least for nextmonth.

Among the ministries which have yet to confirm whether ornot to accept the suggestion fire Education, Environment, Public Health and Youthand Agriculture.

Seeking transparency

In a National Palace press conference, Paredes said technologywill be introduced later this year to modernize and make ASFL management and promotionmore transparent in the Dominican Republic, “which all public and privateactors involved in the process will be interconnect to facilitate managementand accountability."

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