Local July 29, 2016 | 9:18 am

Industries call Haiti ban on Dominican products ‘illegal’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD)president Campos de Moya on Thursday called Haiti’s ban on the overland entryof 23 Dominican products in effect since last October, "illegal andcontrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WHO)."

Interviewed by dariolibre.com, Moya called Port-au-Prince’smeasure a "ruse" by that country’s merchants which has benefitedother Latin American nations that now supply that market.

Currently the WTO weighs a dispute over an Australian law onthe generic packaging of tobacco products, a case in which there’s already beena preliminary ruling for the Dominican Republic, among other countries.

De Moya, despite noting that the situation with Haiti is ofconcern, said nonetheless that "we should not be hurling allegations andcreating uproars with a country which we need to be in peace andcooperation."

He praised the Dominican government’s constant willingnessto correct the situation, but stressed that "until Haiti holds elections andhas a president who has the support of the population and works for the best interestof its citizens, nothing will be accomplished."

Haiti is Dominican Republic’s second most important export market,but as a result of the ban, bilateral trade fell by US$400 million, according toIndustry and Commerce minister José del Castillo.

Ban expands

On Thursday José del Castillo revealed that Haiti hasexpanded the ban, now including chicken soup and flours from the DominicanRepublic.

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