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Consular Corps to support 3rd International Congress on Health Tourism & Wellness

Santo Domingo.- Ms. Sonia Villanuela de Brouwer, Dean ofthe Consular Corps, called out on the certified Diplomatic and Consularcommunity in order for them to integrate to this important initiative.

The Certified Consular Corps in the Dominican Republicoffered a cocktail in support of the 3rd International Congress on HealthTourism and Wellness which will take place on September 1 and 2, in SantoDomingo, organized by the Dominican Health Tourism Association and AFComunicación Estratégica.

Ms. Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer, Dean of the ConsularCorps, called out on the Diplomatic, Consular, investor and productive sectorsin order for them to integrate to this important initiative. This congress isconsidered as the most relevant in the Caribbean region, because of itsmultisector components, innovation and business development.

At the act, the President of the Dominican Health TourismAssociation, Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso Rathe, declared that health tourism is anactivity aligned with the presidential goals and represents a branch whichfavors the transfer of technology and knowledge, job creation and developmentof new projects in the benefit of Dominicans and the international community.

Also Amelia Reyes, President of AF Comunicación Estratégicaand Vice-president of the Dominican Health Tourism Association informed thatimportant decision making individuals will assist to the Congress in order toimpulse the strategic planning of the sector, as well as internationallycertified entities and experts. “In addition, legal, touristic and medicalpanels will take place and there will be spaces designed to show our services,conduct business and invest in the sector”.

The honorable consul of Monaco, Ms. Sonia Villanueva deBrouwer, highlighted the importance that the members of the Consular andDiplomatic Corps in the country understand and are able to promote in theircountries the benefits that the Dominican Republic offers, in order to respondto the needs of the tourists who visit us from the countries that theyrepresent.

The dean of the consular corps also highlighted thecontribution of the second edition of the medical tourism guide by the MedicalTourism Association and the Dominican Health Tourism Association, given that itrepresents the perfect tool to orient the international community about healthand wellness professionals and centers that are duly certified to offerassistance.

Also, the dean pointed out that the Dominican Republic isan attractive touristic destination; hence, if we add a trustworthy healthstructure with certified centers, people from all over the world will come toretire, which results in great added value.

The Grupo Viamar chose the exhibition room of theinternational vehicle brand Lincoln that they represent as the scenery tosupport the developments in health tourism in the Dominican Republic, consideringthat it constitutes encouragement to sustainable development.

High executives and certified diplomats and consuls of theUnited States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean were present during the event, as well as representatives of diversesectors, including health, tourism and financial.

Source: Infotur: http://infoturdominicano.com/rd/?p=27515

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