Local August 3, 2016 | 11:14 am

Ex Haiti leader won’t cooperate with Dominican Republic ‘Felix-gate’ probe

Santo Domingo.- Former Haiti president Michel Martelly hasrejected a request by Haiti Senate president Ronald Larèche to provide information"deemed useful" to the ongoing investigation over the use of Petrocaribefunds and from other foreign sources, including Dominican senator Felix Bautista.

In a missive from aides, Martelly strong rejects therequest and protests alleged "insinuations" in the letter sent July28, on funds received of any amount, from entities or persons at some point. "Wemust remember that the rules dictated by the Constitution don’t give thePresident any allocation in the management of State funds."

"He denies that attempt at accusations against Martellypersonality and reputation and reserves his rights," the missive says, andadds that the Senate probe "needs to be placed above partisan motivations."

The investigation also includes reported deposits of millionsof dollars by Bautista for Martelly’s bid for the presidency, who once elected,secured lucrative public works contracts for the lawmaker’s companies.

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