Local August 3, 2016 | 1:02 pm

Low pay could spur Police officers to quit in droves

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Anticorruption Alliance (ADOCCO) coordinatorJulio Cesar Tiburcio on Wednesday predicted mass resignation of National Policeofficers in the coming days, including some of higher ranks.

He said the resignations of judges will also take place,due to what he affirms are poor working conditions

He denounced that civil society sectors want to control thejudicial branch, to re[;ace the work of the judges. He didn’t specify whichsectors seek to supplant the State.

"We have reports that mass resignations of judges fromvarious jurisdictions will occur soon, who are burdened by the pressures thatsome sectors exert against them, to which the precarious conditions in whichthey work must be added," the legal professional said, interviewed on SuperCanal Caribe.

Tiburcio’s comments comes in the heels of the approval ofthe National Police statutory law, which despite their extremely low wages, bansofficers from holding other jobs, except as teachers.

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