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US$550K uncovers Haiti-Dominican Republic ‘Felix-gate’

Santo Domingo.- Former Haiti presidency candidate MirlandeManigat, of the Assembly of Nationalists and Progressive Democrats (NPDR) party,has confirmed receiving US$550,000 from the company Hadom, of Dominican Republicsenator Felix Bautista, who obtained lucrative public works contracts in Haiti.

The ballooning scandal with the ‘Teflon’ Dominican lawmakeris akin to the infamous ‘Watergate’ ordeal and cover-up in the early 1970s, thateventually led to the resignation of then president Richard Nixon.

The US$500,000 was used for the 2010 to 2011 electioncampaign, according to Manigat’s testimony before the Senate committeeinvestigating several Haiti politicians and former Port-au-Prince officials onalleged corruption.

The data is contained in a letter signed by Manigat, sentto Haiti Senate president Ronald Lareche, dated August 1, 2016.

Letter translated by acento.com.do:

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 28, 2016, uponrequest of the information related to the amount of $550,000 dollars thecompany Hadon paid to the RDNP party for the electoral campaign from 2010 to 2011.

“Like all the candidates, we received the contribution fromour supporters and the support of several national and foreign companies.

RDNP, in its drive for transparency, had confirmed having receivedcontributions from foreigners and legally established companies in Haiti, suchas Hadom.

“These donations were used for financial pennants, posters,advertisements, touring the provinces and paying staff.

“This has not taken place with the management of Petrocaribefunds.

“If you think that this information will be useful, I’ll behappy to have satisfied your demand for information.

“You can rest assured that this information correspond to yourlegitimate questions to establish the truth.

“I would ask you, Mr. President, to believe in my patrioticsalute.

Mirlande Manigat,

Secretary Assembly of the Nationalists and ProgressiveDemocrats (NPDR).”

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