Local August 4, 2016 | 11:01 am

Dominican Republic leader should nix ‘rotten mango’officials

Santo Domingo.- Outspoken senator Wilton Guerrero (Peravia-PLD)on Wednesday urged president Danilo Medina to make changes for his second termin office, affirming that there are officials who aren’t doing their job,naming the Environment Minister for “failing to carry out his duty.”

"If it were me, I’d not only shake the tree, but chopit down, because I think there are many officials who aren’t serving in thecountry. There are many mangoes that have to be knocked down because they arerotten," Guerrero said.

The Peravia province (south) lawmaker of the ruling party(PLD) said there are many officials who’ve held a post for several years whothink it’s an inheritance.

"There’re many people who should be sent home andbring new people, people who have a vocation to serve the population; there aremany people there who have many years in public service, this isn’t anybody’s inheritanceof and nobody has legalized it."

When reminded that he’s a four-term senator, Guerrero saidhe was chosen by 45,000 voters in his jurisdiction. "The population haslegalized me, but these officials, who elected them? They are there because ofa finger, by a decree. Enough is enough. I think it’s enough already."

Slams Environment chief

Guerrero cited Environment minister Bautista Rojas as “an exampleof inefficiency,” because in his view, has failed to do his job. "The environmentis a disaster in this country. The actual situation of the destruction ofecological means is the responsibility of the Minister of the Environment, notof the agency, but of the minister.

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