Local August 5, 2016 | 5:14 pm

Chief justice admits some Dominican Republic judges “deviate’

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German on Friday lauded Dominican Republic’s judges, “forhaving played an ethical work and exhibited exemplary conduct during the performanceof their duties in the judiciary.”

German the loyalty, integrity and the work of most judges deservepraise as examples of “excellence, commitment and effort.”

"Certainly, ladies and gentlemen, in the exercise ofpublic functions some deviate from their duties, while others are dedicated tothe point of fatigue to fulfill the responsibilities imposed on them not onlyby institutional or governmental rules but also by the rules and principlesthat form and make them be men and women of good will," Germán said duringa ceremony of recognition for several judges placed on retirement.

"Upon looking at the careers of those who are here andwho are recognized and watch their path through life encourages us to keeplooking for new ways to do our work, as they did," said the head of the JudicialBranch.

He added that with their preparation and their behavior thejudges from the various judicial departments demonstrated the quality of theirwork, their always polite manner and the quality of their service that his viewmerit placing the word excellent next to their name and career history.

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