Local August 8, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Doctors say they’ve been tricked, vow ‘radical’ strikes

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Medical Association on Monday accusedthe government of breaking off that talks with delaying tactics and announced ahuman chain protest at the Moscoso Puello hospital for 10am Wednesday.

CMD president Waldo Ariel Suer said o they’ll also stage awalkout throughout the South Region on Thursday, Aug.18, “prone toradicalization.”

"Nobody knows where Gustavo Montalvo is. They want aneternal dialogue. The government broke the dialogue to trick us with delayingtactics,” Suero said, referring to the president chief of staff, who’s beenabsent from the talks lately.

The doctors demand the allocation of 5% of GDP for the healthsector and a wage increase.

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