Local August 10, 2016 | 7:44 am

Dominican Industries agree with penalizing scofflaw officials

Dominican Republic.- Dominican Republic Industries Association(AIRD) president Campos de Moya on Tuesday said the salaries of officials who don’tsubmit their financial statement within 30 days after taking office, as the lawstipulates, should be withheld.

"Those who don’t submit their sworn statement withinthe required time, the Dominican State, through the Treasury could suspendpayment, and you’ll see that everyone will file their statement," de Moyasaid just one day after Accounts Chamber president Licelott Marte warned ofpenalties against officials who fail to submit their financial statement.

The new regulations on the Affidavit of Assets stipulate withholdingthe wages of those elected or appointed officials that don’t comply.

In her warning, Marte noted that the requirement alsoapplies to the justices of the high courts, and members of the electoral board

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