Local August 11, 2016 | 3:57 pm

Military in Tucanogate scandal could land in a jail built just for them

Santo Domingo.- Prison Management director Ysmael Paniaguaon Thursday left open the possibility that former defense minister Pedro RafaelPeña Antonio, and Air Force Col. Carlos Piccini could join the inmates of thenew military correctional and rehabilitation center (RCC-M-21) located just minutesnorth of the capital, which was inaugurated today.

Paniagua told reporters that the two officers charged inthe graft scandal could possibly be sent to the new facility. "If anyorder or ruling comes to us it will be carried out."

Army chief

When asked about the same topic, Army commander general JoséMatos declined comment on the case involving the former Defense chief, but urgedthe military to obey the law, respect their superiors, their parents and “alwaysdo the right thing.”

The new penitentiary can house 61 inmates, conjugal areas,three apartments, and 61 beds, and bunks.

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