Local August 15, 2016 | 11:50 am

More names, companies in Tucanogate: Report

Santo Domingo.- Samuel Pereyra Rojas, nephew of Mirabal provincesenator Luis Renee Canaan and linked to Tucanogate, has been a financial andlegal advisor to Luis Abinader, former presidential candidate of the ModernRevolutionary opposition PRM party in the May 15 elections.

Outlet acento.com.do reports that Pereyra signed as part ofAbinader’s group of lawyers in various suits and/or complaint.

The lawyer also figures as Managing Lawyer of the PereyraGarcía Leger law firm, at the address listed as Luis. F Thomen No. 429, in ElMillon in Santo Domingo.

According to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s (pepca) originalcase file, Pereyra owns the company Saperofa, used to channel the alleged the US$3.52million in bribes to Canaan.

The documents provided by Brazilin prosecutors to Dominicancounterparts indicate that in addition to Saperofa, also figure 4D BusinessGroup SA, owned by Daniel Aquino Mendez and Daniel Aquino Hernández andFerrboc, owned by the senator’s uncle Luis Rene Santos Perez and SoniaImnaculada Rojas Tabar, among other relatives.

According to the outlet, the money received by thosecompanies were delivered by EMBRAER’s US subsidiary, Embraer RepresentationLLC,), with the participation of executives. Eduardo Munhos de Campos, Orlando José Ferrerira Neto,Luiz de Almeida Júnior Acir Padilha, Phillip Albert Close, Luiz Alberto DaFonseca Lage, Luiz Eduardo Zorzenon Fumagalli, Eduardo Augusto FagundesFernandes, Ricardo Marcelo Bester and the lobbyist Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

“After extensive research in the National IntellectualProperty Office (Onapi) website, the company identified as Saperofa couldn’t befound. While the registry of 4D Business Group, established for real estate purchaseand sales expired in 2015,” Acento reports, adding that the registry of thecompany Ferrboc established as agribusiness, also expired in 2014.

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