Local August 17, 2016 | 7:40 am

Medina promises a ‘vigorous’ fight against corruption

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina on Tuesday said he’scommitted to fight corruption with a "vigorous program" to promotetransparency and institutionalism, which he affirms is taking place in anongoing dialogue with Dominican society.

He warned that in his second term in office his commitmentto the rule of law and good practices will be stronger and firmer than ever.

The head of state said all of his efforts will ensure thatevery peso of taxpayers’ money are invested efficiently where the Dominicanpeople need them. "In regard to righteousness and willingness to do thingsright, I’m on the same side as the Dominican people, on the side of honest people."

Medina also announced the enactment of the Asset Forfeitureand Seizure Law, through which the State will quickly confiscate propertiesacquired through corruption and other crimes.

In his inaugural speech accompanied by vice presidentMargarita Cedeño, Medina said he renews a commitment to a country in which honesty,transparency efficiency and equal opportunities for all prevail, and which doesn’ttolerate privileges or exclusions.

"For four years we have strived to expand transparencyand the rule of law in all public institutions. I will not repeat here what hasbeen achieved in this area, as I have already stated on other occasions,”Medina said.

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