Local August 18, 2016 | 1:10 pm

After ‘leaving’ RD$1.5M debt, former mayor ‘vanishes’

Santo Domingo.- Former mayor Roberto Salcedo can’t be found“not even in spiritual centers” on Thursday to respond to his successor’s claimof having found a RD$1.5 million debt inthe National District City Council.

Mayor David Collado on Wednesday said debt was revealed by whoexplained that received the information after taking office. He said his team worksto reconcile the finances and debts and check the quality of the capital’s suppliersduring Salcedo’s tenure, who remained in office for the past 14 years.

Newspaper El Nacional reports of unsuccessful efforts sinceearly Thursday to locate Salcedo by the same phone number the former mayor previouslyused to contact its editors, whereas City Council press director Omar Liriano isreportedly on medical leave in his residence.

On June 15 then outgoing mayor said he couldn’t rememberthe amount of the City’s debts, because he wasn’t receiving the established allocation.

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