Local August 18, 2016 | 12:43 pm

Middle East press explores the Dominican tourism destination

Santo Domingo.- As part of the strategy to promote the DominicanRepublic destination, Tourism Ministry officials received the first press groupfrom Middle East countries, including lifestyle magazine editors and YouTube.

Alexandra Streltsova, Tourism Promotion Office director forthe Central Asia markets of Turkey and the Middle East accompanied the group ofjournalists who visited the country.

The Tourism Ministry coordinated the press trip, forjournalists know the country’s various available offers, such as adventure andnature trips, entertainment, food, and various lodging concepts, among others.

"Dominican Republic, first destination in theCaribbean, has a nice, wide and exquisite cuisine climate, variety in tourism,easy access and security are the conditions sought by visitors from the UAE,Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain" Streltsova said.

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