Local August 23, 2016 | 9:13 am

Fired judge in ‘rulings for sale’ scandal says asylum ploy was a ruse

Santo Domingo.- Former judge Francisco Arias, one of theleading figures in the “rulings for sale” scandal, on Monday night said hisintention in trying to seek asylum in the Vatican Embassy was to press theReservas bank and the Banks Superintendence to return his savings, because he’s“economically drowned.”

Arias, who lives in the upscale Arroyo Hondo sector said he’ssurviving with his wife’s salary and the help from some relatives. He wasterminated late last year when the scandal broke

He said at no time did he accuse Supreme Court chiefjustice Mariano German of misconduct, and has nothing against him. "Myintention was to draw attention that sectors within the government, not presidentDanilo Medina, in this case the Banks Superintendence and the Reservas bank,mainly for refusing to comply with the ruling on June 23 ordering the liftingof the lien to the funds that are in the bank."

He said both the Reservas bank and the Banks Superintendenceare using machinations to circumvent the ruling handed down by NationalDistrict instruction judge Ramona Rodriguez for the, who hears his case and thatof judge Awilda Reyes, ordering the release of his money, even despite havingto serve court subpoenas seven times.

Arias said because he’s familiar with procedures he drafteda letter, and headed to the Vatican Embassy, seeking asylum, but reiterated itwas a way to attract attention. "Because if you don’t draw attention inthis country, here you’re ignored, the citizen dies."

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