Local August 23, 2016 | 1:01 pm

OcoaBay resort announces management reboot

Santo Domingo.- The board of directors of the tourism andreal estate macro-project OcoaBay, in the community La Vid, on Ocoa bay, has revampedits management structure and corporate governance to streamline it and developits expansion policy for the next five years.

After three years since inaugurated, OcoaBay partnersdecided to restructure its Board of Directors and appointed a new generalmanager.

“Maria Claudia Mallarino, a partner of the initial project,will assume duties as OcoaBay‘s general manager, and will be in charge ofimplementing and achieving the objectives of the strategic plan, which includesimprovements and expansion of its wine, food service, and entertainment as wellas real estate and hotel project momentum,” the resort said in an emailedstatement.

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