Local August 24, 2016 | 10:37 am

Organ-trafficking an ‘urban legend,’ expert reiterates

Santo Domingo.- National Transplant Coordination Institute (INCORT)director Fernando Morales on Wednesday reiterated his affirmation that thealleged cases of criminal organ-trafficking are an “urban legend,” that emergewhen the media “is short on news.”

He said the situation aims to confuse the population in thecase of the girl Carla Massiel Taveras, 10, who vanished in the town of PedroBrand, north of the capital, because it’s impossible to conduct such surgeries.

He said many times when there are reports of children kidnappedfor their organs are just "urban legends" and myths that in his view,emerge periodically because the press is sometimes devoid of news. "Sadlythis time it was full of news, and yet it came up. Now it has started to beclarified a little as to what were the causes when it comes to this type ofcomplaint, but hey, that’s nearly and virtually improbable."

Interviewed on Antena Latina Channel 7, the physician addedthat it’s impossible to involve over 100 medical specialists in a criminaltrial of this kind, in addition to the implications and complex methods a donorrequires.

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