Local August 29, 2016 | 11:05 am

Commonwealth Roundtable elects board

Santo Domingo.- The Roundtable of CommonwealthCountries in the Dominican Republic has elected its Management Board for the2016-2018 period.

The new management board iscomposed of FernandoGonzález Nicolás as President, Roberto Herrera as Vice president, Jose MaríaCabral as Secretary, Campos De Moya as Treasurer, Marcos Peña as Director, along with directors José Rodríguez, President of the British Chamber of Commerce, EduardoDomínguez, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Alvaro Sousa, Presidentof the Trinidadian Chamber of Commerce, Jabar Singh, President of the IndianChamber of Commerce, Norman de Castro, President of the South African Society andHernando Pérez Montas, Honorary Consul for the Bahamas.

Two honorarymembers were elected. Chris Campbell, the Ambassador of the United Kingdomand representative in the Dominican Republic of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who is the head of theCommonwealth, and Steve Cote, the Canadian Ambassador in the country.

The Commonwealth Roundtable wasfounded in 2002 with the aim of promoting economic, trade and politicalrelations between the Dominican Republic and the 53 Commonwealth membercountries worldwide. Roundtable members are diplomats, presidents ofbi-national chambers of commerce and companies from Commonwealth countries. Thesecountries share characteristics, language and political-judicial systems ofBritish origin.

TheCommonwealth countries are spread across all continents and include GreatBritain, Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria,Kenya, Singapore, Malta, and the 13 CARICOM countries.

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