Local August 29, 2016 | 6:31 am

Hatuey de Camps laid to rest

Santo Domingo.- Hatuey de Camps, a veteran figure in Dominicanpolitics who passed away Friday evening, was laid to rest at the Puerto delCielo cemetery on Sunday.

The late president of the Social Democrat Revolutionary Party(PRSD), who had been battling cancer and was 69 years of age, was buriedtogether with his brother Luis Alberto De Camps, who passed away on Saturday.

During the funeral, PRSD general secretary Rafael GamundiCordero stated that Hatuey De Camps is an example worthy of admiration. Headded that he felt proud to have known the historic political leader.

During his eulogy, Gamundi Cordero said that Hatuey de Camps maincauses were freedom, social justice and opposition to presidential re-election.

“When Juan Bosch left the PRD, Peña Gómez felt he was on his own.So they called Hatuey to keep his dear friend company. He dropped everything hewas doing in Paris, to be with Peña Gómez”, he recalled.

Sunday was declared a national day of mourning for the passingof Hatuey de Camps.

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