Local August 31, 2016 | 3:29 pm

AMCHAMDR launches fourth edition of investment guide

Santo Domingo.- The Legal Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce of the DominicanRepublic (AMCHAMDR) launched the fourth edition of its investment guide Tuesdaywith the aim of providing a practical and up-to-date tool that helps identifythe steps that need to be taken and the services available for making informeddecisions about planned investments in the Dominican Republic.

AMCHAMDR is convincedthat promoting foreign direct investment is essential for the country’sdevelopment, and that public and private initiatives should be geared towardsencouraging the flow of capital into our country. There are many diverse waysof measuring a country’s competitiveness and one of these consists of examiningthe dispositions that encourage or hinder business activity and investment in acountry.

During thelaunch, legal committee president Maria Esther Fernández said that the fourthedition of the Investment Guide was based on the recent business legislation inthe Dominican Republic, Law No. 141-16 on the Restructuring andLiquidation of Companies and Trading Entities. “It enters into effect inFebruary 2017, but its great importance and overriding need has motivated us tohelp understand it and contribute to its dissemination,” she said.

According tothe lawyer, this new initiative for improving the conditions for ensuring thedevelopment of private investment in the country, is an achievement that hasbeen made partly thanks to work carried out by AMCHAMDR and its members, who havepressed for its approval by the relevant public bodies for several years. “Thisedition has been produced thanks to the contributions of these members, whohave allowed us to achieve our goals,” stated Fernández.

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