Local August 31, 2016 | 8:42 am

President Medina opens two more schools

SantoDomingo.- President Danilo Medina inaugurated two new schools in Santo DomingoEast municipality Tuesday, adding 57 classrooms to the extended school day program.

The newschools are the Kelbyn Obrero de Paz Primary school in the neighborhood ofSan Bartolo in Los Frailes II with 25 classrooms, and the Celeste ArgentinaBeltré Melo High school, which was built in the neighborhood of Cancino I.

The combined cost of construction was RD$143,156,000 and the work was carriedout by the OISOE.

The schools areequipped with libraries, science laboratories, IT labs, technological sections,kitchens and cafeteria, playgrounds and multi-use sports courts.

Minister of Education AndrésNavarro stated that in his newly started four-year term, president DaniloMedina would focus on the national literacy program and consolidating the extendedschool day as well as providing training and improving quality of life for teachers.

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