Local August 31, 2016 | 8:27 am

Vice president calls on officials to declare their assets

Santo Domingo.- Vice president Margarita Cedeño de Fernández issued acall to all government officials Tuesday to comply with the law and present their sworndeclaration of assets before September 16th, the deadline for thisrequirement.

Cedeño de Fernández said that as agovernment official she had made her sworn declaration as well as most otherpublic servants, as required by Law 311-14 and the Dominican Republic Chamberof Accounts.

“The other officials who have not yetmade their sworn declaration… as vice president I invite you, I encourageyou to make your sworn asset declaration to fulfil the law,” she stated.

She reiterated that it is their duty tomake their asset declaration and thus contribute to transparency on the part ofthe state.

“We always have to set the example, wealways have to lead these processes, leading as politicians and also leading in thelegal and moral sphere. Making the sworn declaration, which is very simple,it’s just to say what you have,” she added.

Cedeño de Fernández made thesestatements during a conversation with journalists covering the awards for thesecond Interdisciplinary University Research Competition organized by the OMGorganization with backing from the vice president’s office. The event took placeat the Dominican Republic youth library.

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