Local September 5, 2016 | 12:11 pm

Motorists fume over higher toll, halt traffic on major highway

Santo Domingo.- Trafficked is backed up on the Las AmericasHighway, where motorists refuse to pay as much as double the toll at the SantoDomingo-Boca Chica plaza, after the Public Works Ministry announced the surpriseincreases across the country on Sunday.

Police officers and troops talk to drivers vehicle byvehicle, explaining that they should pay 60 pesos, instead of the 30 paid untilyesterday. Some drivers claim they were caught by surprise.

The south side of the Las Americas highway has beenprepared to tow the vehicles whose drivers refuse to pay the higher toll.

The 6 de Noviembre (south) was also militarized on Mondaywhen the increases took effect on all major thoroughfares.

Cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and vans which until Sunday paid atoll of RD$30, will have to pay RD$ 60, while the buses and minibuses that hadpaid RD$50 will now pay RD$120; heavy vehicles with a toll of RD$100 will nowpay RD$200; those of RD$300 will pay RD$400 and the rest will pay RD$600.

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