Local September 7, 2016 | 4:04 pm

Politico says ‘maneuver’ aims to copy Brazil, Argentina chaos

Santo Domingo.- Prominent politico and historian EuclidesGutierrez on Wednesday denounced a "mounted maneuver" aimed at illegitimatizinghis party and “the will of the people who voted massively for the organization.”

"They want to turn businessmen, adventurers and socialclimbers into a political party and that cannot be," said the leader andcofounder of the ruling PLD party in a phone call to Z101 FM.

In a statement to outlet elnuevodiario.com.do, Gutierrez saidthe alleged plan aims to apply the mechanisms used in Brazil where a constitutionalpresident was deposed or promote persecutions such as in Argentina "They wantto do here what happened in Argentina and what occurred in Brazil," with presidentDanilo Medina and PLD president Leonel Fernandez, respectively.

The also Superintendent of Insurance called the Dominicanpeople smart for consecutively supporting the PLD, adding that DominicanRepublic’s democratic system is "afunctional democracy that is not perfect, but an expression of the support thatthe people gave us."

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